Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Discos

Frequently asked Questions:

The Performance

What time will the DJ arrive?

The DJ will usually arrive and set-up from 5:30pm-6pm onwards. For weddings, this means they’re ready to set up as soon as the wedding breakfast and speeches are finished. With corporate and charity events, the DJ will always set up and sound check before guests arrive. If you require the DJ to set up earlier in the day an additional fee may be required.

How long does it take the DJ to set up?

Most DJ’s will set up in around an hour. This will vary depending on the size of the PA required for the event.

How long will the DJ play for?

All our DJ contracts are based on a set up by 7.00pm and them providing both background and disco music from 7.30pm until 01.00am

What time should the DJ start playing?

This is completely up to you and your schedule on the day. For evening events, we find it’s often best to start the meal with background music and then at around 9pm start the DJ set but this is only a guide and all our DJ’s will be happy to fit around your schedule..

Will the DJ play a specific song for our Event / Wedding?

Yes, our DJ’s will start the evening/wedding with your song choice.

Can we choose the set list?

You’re welcome to send over a list of your favourite songs and we will pass these over to the DJ – they will generally include as many as they can into their set list. Please bear in mind that the DJ will always react to the audience on the night.

What will the DJ wear?

All our DJ’s will usually dress smart in suits or shirt and trousers. If you’ve chosen a specific theme then let us know as they will always try and enter into the spirit of the theme.

Will the DJ require refreshments?

We request that the DJ is provided with free soft drinks throughout their stay at the venue and a simple hot meal, usually after they’ve set up. Most DJ’s  will leave for the event mid-afternoon and will often arrive home early hours of the morning so a hot meal is always greatly appreciated.


Booking a DJ

How do I confirm a booking?

If you would like to book any of our DJ’s, we will need your full address and contact details along with the venue address. We will then send over a contract with full terms and conditions included. This will then need to be signed and returned to confirm the booking. A deposit of approximately 15-20% will sometimes be required, this is payable by BACS or online card payment. An invoice with payment details will be included with the contract.

Does the price quoted include travel costs and expenses?

Yes, all quotes include travel expenses.

What if the DJ can’t make it on the day?

If the DJ is unable to attend on the day of the event for whatever reason then we will find you an immediate suitable replacement. We have been in business over 25 years so have a lot of contacts available at the touch of a button.


The Venue

Does the DJ provide their own PA system / Sound equipment?

Yes, all our DJ’s come with full PA and lighting equipment.

Do we need to hire a raised stage?

A stage is always a great addition to a performance but is not a requirement.

What are the minimum power requirements for the band?

Most DJ’s require at least 1 – 2 independent 13 amp sockets. This can vary depending on the size of the sound system. Details will be included on the contract.

Is the DJ PAT tested with adequate public liability insurance (PLI)?

Yes, all our DJ’s come with full Health and Safety policy – they are all PAT tested and carry PLI insurance. If the venue does require to see our certification then please let us know well in advance.