Stupid things people say to DJs

We’re very lucky that the guests at the events we play music for, are all tip top and only ever make helpful and sensible requests to our DJs. However some others have been reported to us over the last few months, so we thought we would share them with you. If you hear any better ones, please let us know

1,         Guest : Can you play any party music.
DJ :  yes, I can play any track you would like – just write down what track you want and I will play it
Guest : – OK – I have not got my glasses with me but hope I have spelled it right?
When the DJ looks,  she has written………..Party Music

2,         Guest : Can you play Conway
            DJ : Conway?
            Guest : Yes, Conway….you know, hat new guy
            DJ: Sorry, I don’t know Conway
            Guest : Call yourself a DJ and you don’t know Conway West????
3          Guest: Can you play some dance music please
DJ : what do you think the 200 people on the dancefloor are doing?
Guest : Yes…but I can’t dance to this.

4,          Guest : Got any music by that coloured guy – Reggie?
DJ :  Reggie?…you’ve got to give me a bigger clue than that.
Guest : You know,  the guy with the dreadlocks
DJ -:  Oh, you mean you want some Reggae?

5,         Can you turn it down…we are trying to talk!

6,         Guest :  Can you play……….
DJ : Sorry, I have just played that
Guest : Well play it again …we have only just arrived

7,         Is the music going to be like this all night?

8,         You have to play this track…..everyone will dance to it.
9,         Can my friend sing in the mic to this song….she has a great voice..

10,         Where are the toilets

And finally………………………………………….are you the DJ?